Marre de ne pas voir les #emojis sur votre #Debian ?

Marre de ne pas voir les #emojis sur votre #Debian ?

Il suffit d'installer le paquet fonts-symbola si vous utilisez #stretch

sudo apt-get install fonts-symbola

ou bien de télécharger et installer le .deb de stretch sous #jessie :

wget -O /tmp/fonts-symbola_2.59-1_all.deb http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/pool/main/t/ttf-ancient-fonts/fonts-symbola_2.59-1_all.deb sudo dpkg -i /tmp/fonts-symbola_2.59-1_all.deb

Next steps for the federation

Next steps for the federation

Over half a year ago, we released with the new federation code. This added forward compatibility for a simpler and more flexible protocol. However, the 0.6.x version still uses the old protocol to communicate with older pods for compatibility reasons.

There are 15641 active users in the last month (numbers from https://the-federation.info/diaspora, so only pods with active statistics count), and 15514 of them are already on a 0.6.x installation, which is more than 99% of the active network. We think that is enough to now start switching over to the new protocol to further improve and extend the communication in the diaspora* network. However, this means that new pods will not be able to communicate with older, not updated, versions. If you are a podmin of a pod running on diaspora* 0.5.x (or older), please update your pod to the latest version. You can find the update instructions in the wiki. If you are one of the 1% of users on an older pod (you can see the version of your pod here or in the footer/sidebar), please contact your podmin to update the pod.

In, we released a fix needed for forward-compatibility, but only 93.5% of the active users are on a pod with or newer yet. We don't need this fix to switch to the new protocol, but we can't use the full potential of the new implementation without having most of the active users on updated, well maintained pods. Some updates include fixes like preparations for correctly sorting comments in the future or other improvements, so it's only beneficial for everyone to deploy the new versions. Update instructions for that can also be found in the wiki and should be done in only a few minutes. Please note that we base some of our decisions on the distributions of diaspora* versions, so please invest these minutes to update your pod, it will improve the network for everyone.

#diaspora #development #podmin #federation

Bonjour tout le monde, je suis #nouveauici. Mes centres d'intérêt s...

Bonjour tout le monde, je suis #nouveauici. Mes centres d'intérêt sont #atelier, #hardware, #informatique, #linux et #reparation.

Je suis une jeune entreprise de réparation informatique nommée Atelier Reboot, situé à #Gap dans les #Hautes-Alpes (05).
Voici une petite liste des services que je propose :
#nettoyage du système
#particuliers & #professionnels

Vous pouvez aussi visitez mon site web au www.atelier-reboot.fr sur lequel figure pas mal d'information et tutoriels concernant le logiciel libre !
À très bientôt :)

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